About Us


Our mission is simple; teach life lessons through the sport of cheerleading in. a safe, supportive and healthy environment. Everything we do is driven by this one simple question; what will our athletes have gained 10 years into their future? We hope the answer is confidence, discipline, determination, diligent work ethic, high moral standards and the ability to overcome any obstacle. We are passionate about achieving this goal and we are whole heartedly committed to making it a reality for all of our athletes. At UC Air Force, it's not just cheerleading, it's learning to be a leader in life.


Air Force Fun Facts

  • Established in 1991, UC is Houston's longest running all-star cheer gym.
  • UC is one of 2 tyms in Houston that has a USASF World's Championship title. Yes, we have a GOLD GLOBE!
  • The UC staff has over 100 years of combined experience teaching in the spirit industry.
  • All UC staff has completed background checks through NCSI (National Center for Safety Initiatives)
  • All UC staff is USASF certified to teach in the levels they coach.
  • All UC staff is CPR & First Aid certified.
  • UC is completely priced against similar all-star programs
  • The UC staff has a large gym mentality in a small gym environment providing the best personal attention.
  • UC schedules around school cheerleading or 1 school activity allowing our athletes to be well-rounded.